About Us


Julie Virgin, CD(DONA)

Julie Virgin is a doula living and working in the Greater Portland area. She has been attending births since 2012 after living in an indigenous matriarchal society in Northern India. Julie helped initially organize the Community Doula Birth Project after receiving funding as a Mitchell Fellow from the George Mitchell Institute. She helps maintain the mission of the organization and keeps the big picture in mind.




Amanda Powell, Professional Doula (toLabor) and CLC
Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda Powell has been a doula with the organization of labor assistants for birth options and resources (toLabor) since 2012. Her passion for pregnancy led her to the birthing and breastfeeding world. She also received her Certified Lactation Counselor training in 2014 with Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding. Amanda came to help start this program because of her belief that all women should have access to a doula. She’s currently working as the volunteer coordinator at CDBP and looks forward to meeting & matching up the women & doulas interested in the program.


Melissa Tomback, CD(DONA)

Melissa Tomback is a doula practicing in the Greater Portland area since 2013. She was inspired to enter the doula world by her own birth experiences, the first in a hospital and the second at home with a doula assisting. She was amazed at how the presence of a doula really made a difference in the way she was able to relax and cope. She strives to ensure that women have a positive birth experience, and brings knowledge of breathing & focusing techniques from yoga to the labor process. Melissa is an attorney and helped establish CDBP as a nonprofit corporation. She lives in Portland with her husband and two kids.


Rebecca Goodwin, Professional Doula, LMT

Rebecca Goodwin is a doula and Licensed Massage Therapist who has been practicing in the Greater Portland area since 2001. In her dedication to birth, Rebecca has cultivated a respected presence in the medical birthing community. She strives to foster a successful and memorable pregnancy,
birth, and postpartum experience for each family. Rebecca serves as director to mentors of CDBP doulas-in-training. She is an accomplished triathlete and spin instructor living in North Yarmouth with her husband and two children.





Sunshine Sue Jelly, Professional Doula, LMT

Sunshine Sue Jelly became a doula in 2000.  Her training included a DONA certification course at Birthwise in Bridgeton, Maine and two years on staff in labor and delivery at Maine Medical Center in Portland. She works in the greater Portland area doing massage therapy and Postpartum support. Her experience attending birth has included many hospitals and birthing centers in Maine. Her passion and respect for each birthing woman has continued to evolve and grow!