How to Apply

To be eligible for our services, you must:

  • Live in the Greater Portland area or beyond
  • Currently be on MaineCare or have no insurance
  • Be experiencing financial hardship or are unable to afford a private doula
  • Please contact to see if you qualify

As a participant of this program, you:

  • Must be willing to share your personal information with the program
  • Must be willing to do up to 2 prenatal visits, be in touch with your doula once you’re in labor, and do 1-2 postpartum visits. Most visits will be held at your home
  • Must be in contact with the doula if any health changes occur
  • Must be willing to complete evaluations of the doula and program

To apply, please contact and fill out the below form. We will assess your eligibility and match you with a doula!

If you’d like to be in the program,
please fill out this form and we will be in touch!
Client Initial Form