Our Mission

The mission of the Community Doula Birth Program (CDBP) is to improve overall birth outcomes by providing evidence-based education, continuous professional labor support and community connections. CDBP is dedicated to growing the doula community by providing services to low-income families by professional doulas and mentored doulas-in-training.

The Community Doula Birth Program provides reduced cost doula services to low-income pregnant women and their families in the Greater Portland area by connecting doulas-in-training with families in need. We provide services to MaineCare participants, those in a financial hardship, refugees, immigrants, and more. Doulas-in-training are matched with experienced mentors who provide support through the course of their services.


Kind Words

“Are you pregnant or panning to become pregnant? Have you ever thought of having a doula? A doula is someone who is at the birth for you. They meet with you before your birth and help you make a birth plan, so when you go into labor they know what you want and can help advocate for you. They help encourage you to meet your birthing goals and support you if you change your mind. I know I can’t imagine going through a birth without a doula there for me.

I had Dean, my partner, and my mom with me and they were wonderful but having my doula made all the difference. When during my 18hr labor both Dean and my mom needed a break my doula encouraged them to take a break and reenergize so they could better support me.┬áDuring their break she was there for me. I went though Community Doula Birth Program. They worked with my family to make my birthing experience affordable for my family and amazing! They are based in the Portland area. I live in Lewiston and they were very willing to come to Lewiston for my birth! I recommend them to anyone who is pregnant and looking for a doula! I encourage you to contact them. They are very kind and helpful, and I am sure they would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!”

-Brie Merrifield